Shields Edit featured in Roedean Magazine

Shields Edit featured in Roedean Magazine

Small edited runs of womenswear. Andrea Shields (Bradford, No. 1, 1983-88)

7 Sep 2021

Written by Harriet de Bene

The concept for Shields Edit started in 2017, when I wanted to launch a label that would combine quality fabrics with print led designs which were made in England.

Unfortunately due to various circumstances it wasn’t until I moved away from London, whilst searching for the perfect pair of pyjamas, that the label finally was launched. I was looking to replace an old pair of pyjamas and wanted to find a pair that were print led, 100% cotton, a flattering cut (including pockets!) and to be made in England. I couldn’t, so this gave me the impetus to start myself and produce the first “edit.”

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